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Why Visma Sign?

Create contracts and collect all necessary information conveniently

Download your contract to the service in PDF format and send it to be signed by e-mail, which you can easily personalize with your company’s logo. You can also collect the information you need for the contract using a secure digital form.

Speed up your contract process with digital signature

Digital signing enables a smooth and secure contract process for all parties involved. With Visma Sign you can collect signature with strong identification in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

All important contracts safely stored in Visma Sign

When the contract is signed by all parties, it is automatically save into the service in a digital format. Managing contracts is safer and more efficient, when confidential documents are not lying around in physical folders and email chains.

We are #VismaSigners

50 000+

companies and organisations

2 300 000


Up to 20 000

signatures daily

Visma Sign offered us a ready-made solution that met our specific needs.

Andrè Skavhaug, Service Centre Manager, POWER

The Nordic electronics giant POWER uses the digital signature service to sign customer contracts, power of attorneys, and board meeting minutes.

A fast, efficient, and secure digital signature service

Focus on what you do best and let Visma Sign manage your agreements. By using the service, you can create, sign, and archive your agreements as well as follow the signing process in real time.


Digital signature

Send and sign contracts securely from anywhere, on any device. Signatures can be processed with strong digital identification in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. With simple e-signatures, on the other hand, you can sign documents anywhere in the world.


Digital form

Collect the information you need efficiently to facilitate both your own and your customers’ work. Digital forms are suitable for many different industries and applications – from obtaining individual information to collecting complex customer data.

Choose the right package for your team

Always know what you pay for

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per month

120 € annually

Popular with sole traders and small associations

  • 72 signatures / year
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Digital archive



per month

780 € annually

Suitable for SMEs that sign documents on a weekly basis

  • 600 signatures / year
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Form tool
  • Digital archive



Suitable for corporations and organisations that need more signatures

  • Connect to your own systems
  • Take advantage of the versatile API and digital forms

All prices are presented excluding VAT.

Digital signature – The key to an excellent customer experience

In the digital world, simplicity and ease are key to ensuring efficient operation and a successful customer experience. Enabling digital signing for the users of your software makes the users’ everyday life easier and improves customer satisfaction.

With the Visma Sign API documentation, you can effortlessly automate the service into your current software.

Many possible applications:

Sending documents for signing

Enable your customers to send documents to be signed from your system. 89% of sent documents are signed within a day. A mass send-out feature is also possible.

Signing as part of your service

Enable the signing of documents in your service to improve the customer experience. In this way, your customers no longer need to print, sign, scan, and e-mail the contracts or customer information forms you need.

An application or form with strong digital identification

By integrating Visma Sign, you can use an online form that enables the efficient collection of customer information and verification of the signer’s identity. The online form can be embedded directly into a website, for example into WordPress.

Archiving of documents

All documents are automatically saved in the document archive or any other location of your choice. The service’s document management tool collects all signatures digitally, while preserving the documents in digital form.


We are here for you

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We help both our customers and partners switch to digital signing and flexible contract processes.

Product support

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You can reach us from Monday through Thursday between 9.00-11.00 and 12.00-14.00.

You can find instructions and answers to frequently asked questions in the Visma Sign support portal. You can also submit a support request in the portal.