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What is a digital signature?

Digital signature is just what it sounds like. Instead of signing a document on paper with a pen, you sign it via strong identication i.e local banking codes or MobileID. Visma Sign is perfect for signing commercial contracts and agreements, work contracts, meeting minutes, mandates and other law binding contracts.


Upload and send a document to be signed. You can invite people to sign via email and/or an SMS. You can also integrate the service to be part of your electronic business processes.


Visma Sign checks the signer’s identity with either local banking codes or MobileID.


Signing the document is fast and easy. You can see who has signed and who has not. After the document has been signed, all of the signers will get a copy to their digital archives.

830 000

have signed with Visma Sign

89 %

of the documents sent via Visma Sign are signed within 24 hours

98 %

of all documents sent are signed

Scalable and efficient

Digital signature service that grows with you

Visma Sign scales to your needs. You can use it as an efficient digital signature service, handling all of your organization’s documents digitally. Or you can integrate it in to your own service to provide a smoother customer experience and business processes. Either way, you get more control and more effiency out of your routine processes, while providing your customers and partners a smoother way to do business with you.

Fully integratable

Make Visma Sign part of your business processes

Creating a service that is fast, easy to use and simple, equals to great customer experience. Give your customers an option to sign contracts, agreements and documents in real-time. You can also use the integration to collect needed customer information inside your own service. To help your get started, Visma Sign has several technical partners that can help you with the integration.

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Signing with Visma Sign

Have you received an invitation to sign?

You have received an invitation to your email to sign a document digitally and now you are wondering what to do. Digitally signed documents are as legally binding as those written with pen and paper. Signing a document is completely free for you and it only takes a moment!

1. Get your banking codes ready.
2. Make note of the password you received in the invitation.
3. Follow the link and enter the password.
4. Read the document.
5. Proceed to enter your banking codes.
6. Press sign. Done!

We changed our traditional insurance notice handling in to a digital process. 2 week process time changed to one day. Expenses dropped to 5 % of the cost of the paper process, while removing mistakes. But the most important thing was that our customers have experienced Visma Sign to be easy to use.

IF Insurances

Visma Sign Pricing

Pay as you go

In Visma Sign there is no monthly fees, user fees or starting fees. You only pay for what you use and the more you use, the cheaper it gets.

Less than 1000

Per signature:
1,00 €

Sms invitation:
0,18 €/ sms



Per signature:
0,90 €

Sms invitation:
0,16 €/ sms



Per signature:
0,80 €

Sms invitation:
0,14 €/ sms



Per signature:
0,70 €

Sms invitation:
0,10 €/ sms


Over 9001

Per signature:
0,60 €

Sms invitation:
0,08 €/ sms


Prices are VAT 0 %

The smallest billable amount is 10 €. F.ex. if you have used only 9 signatures in a month, the used signatures will be moved to next month’s billing or to next bill that exceeds the minimum billable amount. If you have used under 10 signatures in a year, the signatures will be billed at the end of the year.

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